Upgrade Your TV to a Computer

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Before the boom of the Internet, TV used to be one of the best sources of entertainment and information. With the advent of Internet, the landscape changed and changed drastically. Everything you could watch on TV, you could watch on the Internet. Better yet, you could watch what you want and whenever you want.

The Power of Two

The rapid rise of technology has given us a way of using many smart devices such as the computer, smart phones, and tablets. The abilities of these devices and that of TV as separate, individual entities are limited. Combine these two and the possibilities are limitless. Being able to watch your favourite TV show being aired live when you are on the go is something nobody would have thought of as a genuine possibility few years ago and yet, here we are sitting at home/office, travelling in a bus, watching TV on our mobiles and tablets.

Satellite Incoming

Cable TV could only do so much. Limited channels, average picture quality and a troublesome network meant that customers were not a happy bunch using it. Things took a turn for the better when Satellite TV came into the scene. Television content was broadcasted via a communications satellite received by a satellite dish installed on top of the subscribers’ house, converting the signal to Audio-Video content. For instance, take the example of a service provider such as Sun Direct that offers a wide range of high quality TV content.

Mobile apps have further enhanced the user experience by allowing them to watch TV online using their phone anytime, anyplace. Online applications such as MobiKwik play a vital role in keeping the customers and the service providers connected. Users need not go out to make payment for the TV services that they use. Instead, they can recharge online. If the subscriber wishes to watch TV online on his mobile, they can use the app, select the pack they want and make the Videocon D2H Recharge and enjoy the ultimate user experience.