My week off the tech grid

A serial social media user and tech evangelist pulls the plug on his phone for a week, passing time contemplating the consistency of vegetable curries, watching crocodile documentaries, and gaining some perspective

Last week, I travelled back to a time when the Internet was something that you needed a computer to access, and social media was used to define sites such as Myspace and Orkut, where teenagers hung out to spy on their crushes. Google could be accessed only on desktop computers, and the smartest things phones did was make calls and send messages. WhatsApp was three years into the future and if you told someone that you could hail a cab with a mere swipe on your phone, you would have been laughed out of the room. No, dear reader, I did not chance upon a time machine or lose my smartphone. Instead, I decided to log out of all social media in an attempt at living life off the grid