What’s in a name: MP man not given SIM, loan. Because his name is Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is a known figure in the Indian political landscape but unknown to many is another Rahul Gandhi in India. And all he wants is a loan to do business.

To realise his entrepreneurial dreams, Rahul Gandhi 2.0 has been running from bank to bank but to no avail. No one is willing to give him a loan.

But his misfortune doesn’t end there. Even telecom operators have refused to sanction a SIM card to this Rahul Gandhi.

This tragic tale is of one Rahul Gandhi, a resident of Akhand Nagar in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The Gandhi surname has become a thorn in his side, much like for his famed namesake.

No businessman provides a bill for purchases when they hear his name.

Even telecom operators have refused to give him a SIM, forcing the man to get one in his brother’s name.

He has also spent a lifetime being the butt of his friend’s joke. He is often compared to the former Congress chief and accused of lying about his name and creating false IDs.

Once when the Indore resident called up a bank for a loan and told that his name was Rahul Gandhi, an official laughed and asked when did Rahul Gandhi shift from Delhi to Indore and cut the call.

Tired of his ordeal, Rahul Gandhi has now decided to change his last name to Malviya so that people no longer make fun of him and he faces no obstacle in obtaining important documents. The caste to which Rahul belongs, most people use the surname Malviya.

According to the man himself, he removed Gandhi from his surname so that he could obtain a driving licence.